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Bill Montana and Craig Browning TeleseminarBill Montana is going to be featured along with  P. Craig Browning on an upcoming Tele-Seminar. Both of these two performers have books available at Stevens Magic. While not for everyone, if your a fan of Bill or Craig - this is a unique opportunity to get to interact with them and pick up on some of the things they do well - little touches that make a big difference.
Obiter Dicta - Jon Racherbaumer  Jon Racherbaumer Dust-Motes In the Gird- Jon Racherbaumer # 1 - "Raise tempers, goad and lacerate, raise a whirlwind." This is an experiment.  This is the first installment of entries from my journal directly or tangentially related to magic, magicians, and the amorphous body called the "magic community.
Digital Stamping - Alexander PierceWe at Stevens Magic Emporium have enjoyed sponsoring and seeing some great local talent over the years... Many of which have gone on to be successful and respected in the filed of magic and or other professional areas.  Many of these people that have been successful in non-related magic fields, like Dr.
Deana Murray - Feature Story MS. DEANA MURRAY By Joe Stevens ONE OF MAJA'S (GODDESS OF MAGIC) PRINCESSES For those of us who started early in the love and fascination of magic, take yourself back to the time when and what was it that started your love affair with the art? For me, it was the performance of Harry Blackstone, Sr. here in Wichita in the year of 1946, after World War Two, when I was ten years old.
A Peek Inside - Forthcoming Alexander Nelsons' - Believe BookAlexander Nelson has put out some intriquing work over the past few years... He has in that process and relatively short time proved himself to be quite prolific. At the same time, I think even Alexander would agree he's well - eccentric. His first book after a good run of sells was by his command - stopped and is no longer commercially available.
Man In Motion - Jeff McBride by Deana MurrayCLICK ON THIS LINK - to view "Man In Motion" A feature story of Jeff McBride!