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David Berglas and Ken Brooke - A Interesting Story by Pete Biro    STORY BY PETE BIRO David Berglas, one of the most famous performers in the world of magic was known for his incredible stunts and predictions. He got interested in magic in 1947 due to a chance meeting with Ken Brooke. Following the ends of the second world war, Berglas found out the US Army was looking for people to help with the "denazification" of Germany.
SME announces Annemann & Robert-Houdin AwardsPress Release: Stevens Magic Emporium announces two awards.  After selling the rights to the Desert Magic Seminar, and realizing that the industry was changing Joe Stevens looked for a way for SME to stay active and relevant in the world of magic.
Alexander Pierce - Fire Proof!Alexander Pierce is an exceptionally accomplished young performer with unusual respect for old fashioned hard work and appreciation for those that came before him. That's very refreshing to see a young performer that takes the time to learn about performers that preceded him and pay them respects.
Strictly Scryer - Richard Webster (In The Works)Here's a Peek into the next Scryer Project....  The book will be titled Strictly Scryer.  It is estimated to be available early to mid March 2014.  This book as the title explains will feature only routines and idea's from Neal Scryer himself... FOREWORD by Peter Turner - Let me begin with how I met “Neal Scryer”.
Dean Dill - A Profile by Pete BiroDean Dill - A Profile by Pete Biro - 1/16/204 Dean Dill’s Shoppe, in Glendale, California is a must-visit for magicians when they come to Los Angeles or work at the Magic Castle. On any given day you might find somebody in from China, Japan, Germany, England or Sweden. Many regulars like R.
KAMARR - A Rich Life In Magic!One of my favorite things to watch when I was attending the University of Kansas (Go KU!), was David Letterman... It was always a great show to watch and still is....  But when KAMARR was on, everyone in my Frat House (Delta Upsilon) would be glued to the TV!  KAMARR had a career that was quite amazing as you will read below.