Magic Swiss Card Clock (Urs Auckenthaler)

Magic Swiss Card Clock (Urs Auckenthaler)


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**THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING!** The magician produces a deck of cards and takes 8 cards away from the top. The rest of the deck is placed on a table to one side (face-up). The magician then takes the 8 cards, shuffles them and offers the spectator to select a card.

The spectator selects a card and looks at it and gives it back to the magician and the magician shuffles the cards once again. The magician places the 8 cards like a clock face in the circle around the deck of cards.

Then the magician takes the marker pen and places it on the deck (the marker tip facing towards himself positioned at 6 and 12 o’clock). After about 6 seconds the marker begins to animate and magically move around the clock just like the hand of a clock and stops exactly at the spectator’s chosen card!

Comes complete with specially constructed card deck and fully electronic controlled unit powered by Lithium3 batteries that are easily available anywhere as well as special Maxon Micro motor made in Switzerland and the very special pen.


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