U.F. Grant 3 Box DVD Set

U.F. Grant 3 Box DVD Set


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This 3 DVD set presents the Magic, the Inventions and the Story of U. F. Grant. U.F. Grant was considered to be one of the most prolific innovaters in magic. Here is your chance to study the “creative” mind of the legend.

On this boxed set of 3 DVD’s contains:

  • Rare lost film lectures.
  • Original drawings of Grant’s illusions.
  • Vintage film footage with Gen Grant Jay & Francis Marshall and other greats.
  • Interviews with people who knew Grant
    Color film footage of Grant demonstrating his creations.

Experience the history of this most amazing magician, inventor and teacher. There are also a host of special features you will want to see including downloadable copies of Grant’s most popular manuscripts & a slide show tour showing how the effects came to be. 


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