Aldo Colombini – Eatery

Aldo Colombili

Cannibal: A person who goes into a restaurant and orders the waiter! You can incorporate your best cannibal jokes in this routine with this old and well known theme. This trick is part of a longer routine of mine in which I use moves from Karl Fulves, Jon Racherbaumer along with my own personal approaches to this classic theme.

The performer shows four Kings which, he says, represent four cannibals. A card is taken (a missionary)!) and placed into the card case (the cave!) with the four Kings. The Kings eat the selected missionary. The box is opened and the four Kings are tossed out together with several BONES — all that’s left of the poor missionary!

A deck and some plastic bones of a size to fit into the card boxes (you may find these bones in many novelty, gift or costume shops.)

Place the bones into the card box and you are ready.

Leave the card box aside on the table. I begin the card session by apparently taking out the deck from the box while the box and the deck are still out of view. Spread the cards, take out the four Kings and table the deck FACE UP to your left. Show the Kings and then keep them face down in the left hand dealing position.

Perform a Double Turnover and show a King face up- Say that this is the chief of the group (or something similar!). Turn over the whole packet in the left hand. Take the cards from above in the right hand and with the left fingers, slide off the bottom card (same King shown before), turn it face up and place it on top. You now have one reversed King face down on the bottom of the packet. The right thumb catches a break at the bottom King (which is face down) and keeps it separated from the other Kings. The left hand takes half of the deck that was left on the table. Turn the left hand palm up so that the cards are face down.

The left thumb pushes off the top card to the right as in figure 1. Use the left side of the right hand packet to flip this card face up onto the deck, showing an indifferent card, say the 10, saying that this card is a missionary. With the same move, flip the card face down onto the deck in order for it to land flush on the deck and at the same time perform the Drop Switch, dropping the face down King on top of the 10 (the indifferent card) as it falls onto the deck (figure 2 before the broken card drops). The left thumb immediately pushes the top card off onto the right hand packet. The left hand turning palm down again, places its half of the deck face up onto the tabled portion thereby eliminating the card.

Take the face down card (supposedly the indifferent card previously shown but really the King) into the left hand. Turn the three (supposedly four) Kings face down and place them on top. I now perform any standard false count (for example, see Omega Count on page 61 in I Am a Joker) to show that I have five cards in my hands.

Place these cards into the card box (without exposing the bones and without allowing the bones to ‘talk’…to make any noise.) Close the box and shake it telling the audience that the cannibals are chasing and eating the poor missionary. Open the card box and shake out its contents. The four Kings fan out along with the ‘remains’ of the missionary! The selected card is gone.