Aldo Colombini – Four Aces

Aldo Colombili

Steve Beam’s book SEMI AUTOMATIC CAPD TRICKS, VOL. 2 is a great one (and not only because I have a trick in it!). While reading it, one of the effects struck my ingenuity and upon practicing it, I came up with a different handling which includes a favorite move of mine, the Blow Away Change by J.H. Hartman. I think this is a wonderful opening trick.


The performer shows a 4 of spades, which he splits into two Deuces, which then split into the four Aces!


On top of the deck have the following cards, from top down: A Four, an indifferent card, two Deuces, and the four Aces. (Let’s say the 4 of spades, 8 of diamonds, 2 of hearts, 2 of clubs and the four Aces).


Take a break below the top three cards of the deck with your left little finger. (To do this, I simply start to spread the cards from hand to hand, saying, “I am not going to ask to have a card selected… ” Then spread the top three cards and square them back onto the deck taking a break below them while continuing, “… but I am going to do some magic with this Four.”)

The right hand turns the 4 of spades over, face up and shows it. Place the card back face down onto the deck and apparently place it on the bottom. Really, the right hand takes the top three cards as one and places them face down on the bottom of the deck.

Grip the deck face down in the right hand as in Figure 1, thumb on top and fingers below. Move the deck toward the spectator and ask him to blow on it. Move the right hand quickly towards the left hand throwing the deck into the left hand, while the thumb and fingers of the right hand retain the top and the bottom card of the deck (similar to the old card production).

The right hand shows the faces of the two cards to the audience while the left forefinger points to these two cards. In so doing the left hand turns almost palm down and, without saying anything about it, you are showing an indifferent card on the face of the deck. Apparently you have split the four into two Deuces.

Turn the left hand palm up and place the two Deuces face up onto the face down deck. Spread the top few cards and on squaring them, obtain a break below the top six cards of the deck (below the two Deuces and the four Aces). Now perform the Blow Away Change by J.IC Hartman to change the two Deuces into the four Aces for a startling climax.

The Blow Away Change is performed as follows: Grip the packet of cards above the break with the right hand at the right corners as in Figure 2. Bring the deck up toward your face in order to blow on the two Deuces. During this upward movement, quickly turn over the packet (6 cards) to the left, as if closing a book, ending up in the position shown in Figure 3. Blow on the cards, then lower the deck and spread the four Aces to show the change. The two Deuces have apparently been changed into the four Aces.


The final change appears wonderful to the eyes of the onlookers. This routine is a perfect opening for any four Ace routine.

To obtain the break below the top three cards (at the beginning of the trick) you may use a Triple Lift or any thumb or little finger count. I do the above written moves as they are easy to do, logical and fail proof . Why do I have to complicate my life?