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Aldo Colombili

This is a variation of a trick by Stephen Tucker. I have changed the modus operandi and I use a deck only and not a packet of duplicates. It was published in the past in Linking Ring magazine. Although the trick is relatively easy to do, it has an effective and bewildering impact on the audience. The three climaxes follow each other building with a sequence that reaches a good climax.

EFFECT A card is chosen from a blue backed deck. After the card is replaced and the deck is shuffled, the performer removes four cards from the deck while stating that he believes the selection is among these four. The spectator verifies the situation by affirming that, yes, the selection is among the four. The four cards are shown, folded in half and then torn in half along the crease. The halves are placed together and the selection is now seen to be face up among the face down halves. The selection is finally seen fully restored and it seen to have a red back!

REQUIREMENTS Have a red backed card, say the 8 of hearts and a blue backed deck.

SET-UP Remove from the deck the blue backed 8 of hearts and add the red backed 8 of hearts on the bottom of down deck.

PERFORMANCE Force the 8 of hearts using an appropriate force without revealing the red back of the card (a Force or similar will do.) After the card has been noted, square the deck and spread it face up across the table.

Remove four cards including the selection, keeping the backs hidden. Get the 8 of hearts to the position of second from the face, turn the packet face down and do an Elmsley Count showing backed cards.

Turn the packet face up and count once again, duplicating the Elmsley Count handling performing the count (you simply reverse the order of the cards.) At the end, square the cards.

Fold the packet in the middle sidewise taking care not to expose the back. Once the cards are folded, take them into position and with the right thumb lift up only the three cards nearest to you (leaving the 8of hearts folded .)

Tear the three cards (apparently four) in half To the spectator’s point of view, you have creased the cards only to facilitate the tear. Place the torn off cards in the right hand over the 8of hearts keeping the 8 of hearts facing you in order to cover it. All these actions are done with the cards in a vertical position facing the audience.

Fan the cards between the hands (bringing the hands down to waist level) and the 8 of hearts appears as the only (half) face up card. First effect’!

Grasp the cards in both hands so the thumbs enter the 8 of hearts and can snap it open as you let the half cards fall to the table. Show the face of the restored 8 of hearts to the audience without exposing the back. Second effect!

Finally, flip the card to the table face down, showing the red back. Third effect!


You can use an old deck and add the four cards that you are going to tear to the deck.

You may say that every time you use the selected card it gets embarrassed. Flip it and show that the back is red!

You can leave out the Elmsley Count, it is not strictly necessary.