Aldo Colombini – Sandwich

Aldo Colombili

This is a sandwich-type routine that uses the Elmsley and Siva Counts. In this case, the “sandwich” plot is combined with the “twisting” plot to obtain a strong two-card revelation.

Effect: The four Kings (or any other four-of-a-kind) are removed and placed aside. Two cards are selected and replaced. The four Kings turn face up one after the other and are then placed on the table — the Red ones to one side, the Black ones to the other side. Suddenly, the two selected cards appear between the Kings!

Performance: Remove the four Kings and place them face down on the table. Have two cards selected and controlled to the top of the face-down deck. Shuffle if you want, leaving the two cards on top. Obtain a break below the two selections with your left little finger while your right hand picks up the four Kings. Flip them face up onto the deck and if they are not already so, arrange them in alternated colors. In squaring them, steal the two face-down selections. Your right hand grips the whole packet (six cards) from above and by the ends, while your left hand tables the deck.

Your left thumb peels the top King into your left hand, followed by the next two Kings. Place the last King (and the two cards below it) onto the other left-hand cards and square up. Flip the packet over and perform an Elmsley Count to ostensibly show four face-down cards.

Situation Check: The four Kings are face down, followed by the two face-up selections. Perform Vernon’s Through-The-Fist Flourish, secretly turning over the packet. Perform an Elmsley Count to show a face-up King and three face-down cards. Repeat the Elmsley Count and two Kings appear face up. In this second count, move the last card to the bottom.

Perform a Siva Count to show that three Kings are face up. Briefly: Hold the packet face up in your left hand. Grasp the right side of the packet at midpoint with your right thumb and first/second fingers. Peel the face King into your left hand with your left thumb. As soon as it is peeled, your right thumb pushes over four cards as one. (This block pushoff is identical to the mechanics used in the Elmsley Count.) Move the right-hand cards over the left-hand King to ostensibly peel the next King. When the hands move together for the “peel,” steal first face-up King under the right-hand cards as your left hand takes the four- card block.

Your right hand now holds two cards and your left hand holds four cards. Move the right-hand cards onto the left-hand cards, peel the face-down selection onto the others and place the last face-up King on top of all. Holding the packet squared in your left hand, grasp the packet in Biddle Grip and lift the top two cards as one with your right hand. Your left thumb deals the next card (King of the same color) below the double card in your right hand. Table these three cards as apparently two Kings to the right. Your right hand picks up the left-hand cards from above and by the ends. Your left fingers slide the bottom card of the packet to the left to apparently show two face-up Kings. (All the Kings have turned face up.) Square-up and table the cards to the left.

Pick up the remainder of the deck and riffle the cards toward the tabled pairs of Kings. The onrushing air from the riffling action causes the pairs to separate a little. Each has a face-down card between them. Ask for the names of the selected cards, then spread the “sandwiches” to clearly reveal face-down cards. Turn them over to show the selections and cap the routine.