Aldo Colombini – Torn-ado

Aldo Colombili

See if you like the following easy approach to the classic Torn and Restored Card. To be honest with you I usually don’t like to tear cards, but I felt that the effect of the restored card on the audience is so incredible that it’s worth a few torn cards. It uses a manipulation very seldom seen that I think is really strong and allows the performer a lot of versatility.

A card is selected, torn into four pieces and magically restored!

Besides a regular deck, have a cigarette lighter in the right pocket of the jacket (or trousers.)

Bring to the top of the deck two cards having values one number apart that can easily be confused with each other by covering the corner (because the placement of the pips at the top of the card are matching, as with the 7 and the 6 or a 4 and a 5 and so on). You’ll understand the purpose as the routine goes along. Say that you have the 6 of Hearts on top followed by the 7 of Hearts. Cut the deck and complete the cut keeping a little finger break. Riffle Force at the break, cut and complete the cut.

Perform a Double Turnover showing the 7 of Hearts. Repeat the Double Turnover and take the top card with the right hand. Table the deck face down in front of you.

Tear up (or down?) the card into four pieces (back to the audience of course), placing the non-index corner in front. Leave the pieces face up, more or less squared, in the right hand fingers showing them as in figure 1. The card will be taken for the 7 of Hearts, but really it is the non-index corner of the 6 of Hearts. It is this deception that sells the idea (any two card combination of this sort will do).

Apparently drop the four pieces of the card into the left hand. Really keep them palmed in the right hand, finger palm position. Close the left hand as if you retained the pieces there. The right hand moves to the pocket, leaves the pieces and brings out the lighter.

Give the lighter to a spectator. Ask him to light it and to pass the flame underneath your closed left hand. Act as if he has burned you. The right hand takes the top quarter of the deck and one-hand fans the cards, back to the audience. Fan the left hand with the right hand cards as if cooling it off from the heat.

At the same time perform the Fan Reverse by Dan Tong as follows. Move the right finger to the position shown in figure 2 where it can press down on the corner of the selected card, and press it down. The result is that the corner of the card is clipped between the third and little fingers. By continuing the pressure of the little finger, the card will turn over underneath the fan (figure 3 shown from below). At the same time the fan is brought over the left hand and pointed toward the body as in figure 4. Open the left hand under cover of the fan and drop the reversed card onto the left palm. Immediately remove the fan and show the face down, apparently restored, card in the left hand.

Place the fan aside on top of the talon and then turn over the card revealing the selected card restored.

You may have the 7 of Hearts signed by the spectator (be sure they sign in the MIDDLE of the face of the card.) With the signature, the revelation becomes even more exciting!