Aldo Colombini – Tri-emphasis

Aldo Colombili

This seemed so obvious to me that I imagine it may have already been done somewhere at sometime. Well, maybe so, but here it is anyway, my way. It was published in Harry Lorayne’s APOCALYPSE (Vol. 17, no. 4 April 1994) in my ONE MAN ISSUE. The basic handling is a Triumph type effect, but I do hope that the initial phase looks a little bit different. The basic modus operandi is a variation of the Cut Deeper Force. It is entirely impromptu.


A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. The cards are randomly shuffled into a face-down/face-up kind of ‘mess.’ Magically, all the cards arrange themselves to face one direction except the selected one!


Have a spectator shuffle the deck. Say that you will turn away so you will not be able to see the cards. While you are turned aside, instruct him to keep the deck face up in dealing position. He is to remember the card that is now at the face of the deck. If the spectator doesn’t like that card he can change it until he is satisfied by cutting the deck so that he will have another card at the face of the deck. Tell him to be sure to remember the card.

Next tell the spectator to cut a small packet (10 to 15 cards) from the face and to turn it face down onto the remaining cards in his hand. Ask the spectator to repeat the cut, but to cut DEEPER this time. The spectator cuts deeper, turns over that portion and places it back onto the deck proper. Then ask him to cut one more time, cutting even deeper.

Turn back to face the front and take the deck from the spectator. To the audience, the deck is now in a face down and face up condition. The situation is really this: An upper face down portion is on a lower face up portion. The bottom card of the face down portion is the thought-of card.

With the right hand, cut off all the upper face down cards EXCEPT the lowermost one. You can cut at the natural face-to-face break and release one card. The face down card covers the fact that the rest of the cards are face up. The right hand cards are all face down. Flip the right hand cards face up and Riffle Shuffle it into the left hand portion. Do the shuffle either in the hands or on the table taking care not to expose the fact that the lower portion is face up. Leave the face down card on top and square the cards after the shuffle.

Cut the deck in order to center the face down selected card. Do a ribbon spread on the table to show that all the cards are facing one way (face up), except the selected one which is face down. Ask the spectator for the name of the card he is thinking of, then slowly turn over the one face down card to show that…”that’s it”!


The Cut Deeper Force belongs to Ed Balducci even though some prefer to credit the move to others.

You can have the spectator cut two more times, five times total. Any ODD number of cuts will do. Three times seems right to me. Do not mention how many times, of course, just ask them to do it!

If you would like to, at the end after the cut, turn over the deck and spread it so that you immediately show all the cards face down except the selected one face up in the middle.