Banachek – Homynomism


Here is an effect for you that I came up with around 78 or so. It is not very deceptive on its own, but if utilized amongst some other stuff and quickly followed by something else it will blow them away. I will give you one of the cards and Homynoms, I have a few others and may share them later, for now, see what you can come up with, let me know. you will need to make up a double-sided card with the following words on each side.

Side one:
1. Sale14. Rush
2. Dog 15. Monkey
3. Boat16. Apple
4. Smell17. Sushi
5. Duck 18. Rite
6. Baseball19. Cult
7. Zulu20. Handsome
8. Type21. Flower
9. Write22. Whale
10. Hand23. Tax
11. Pig24. Sundae
12. Log25. Letter
13. Hat

Side two reads as follows:
26. Eight39. Horse
27. Right40. Pulling
28. Wrong41. Rain
29. Blue 42. Meal
30. Spine43. Sick
31. Found44. Bird
32. Niagara45. Ripe
33. Love 46. Helicopter
34. Coaste47. Auto
35. Airplane48. Castle
36. Wright 49. Seashell
37. Man 50. Train
38. Sucker

Hand the card to someone. Explain that there are 50 different words. Ask them to choose a number from ten to fifty and look at the word at that number. Then act as if you made a mistake. “Oops, I should have had you select a number before I handed you the card to examine, you may have seen a word you psychologically liked and chose that number as a result. Tell you what, to get a word a random. At the two digits of the number you selected together (in other words say you selected 50, 5 plus zero equals 5, you would count back five numbers to forty-five) Look at that word and concentrate upon it. Now turn the card over a few times so there is no way I could know what word you are thinking of and hand me the card. Think of your word.”

Mentalist reveals word. It is easy. If the instructions are followed as directed they will always select a number that is a multiple of nine. In these areas, (all except one) there is a homonym of the word right.

Notice that before or after each word there is a related word to put the homonym of right in its proper context. Right has wrong by it, Wright has airplane, rite has cult and write has type and hand by it.

I was unable to find homonyms that had five words so in the last position (45), since there is only five out of fifty chances they would choose that word, I placed the word ripe. Now you have a near miss.

If anyone knows of a homonym that has five words, please let me know.

Okay, after some thought here are a few of my other words, saves the confusion.

Do, Due, Dew and Doo and 45 is Duet

Meddle, Metal, Mettle, Medal and 45 is Middle

Remember to take the card away from the spectator once they have the word memorize. This way they do not have a chance to try out the “what if I had chosen a different number” theory. Move on to the next effect.

I used to perform this in the middle of another effect. Actually I would start another effect while they were looking up the word so I could continue with the other folks as soon as I was done, or reveal that persons thought immediately after the second effect was finished, almost like and afterthought “oh yeah, your word was Right!”