Banachek – M&m&max&raj


Back in 1993, Raj Madhok used a wonderful principle in an effect he published in the PEA’s publication called Vibrations. The effect involved a prescription bottle with the following on the label:




You either covered the ‘TEEN’ up with your thumb to show that the person should take a capsule for the next four days, or let them read the whole directions to inform them to take a capsule for the next two weeks (fourteen days.) A wonderful principle.

Then came Lee Earle’s SYZYGY vol 1 number 2 Max Maven had a wonderful effect called POSITIVE NEGATIVE. I saw a way to enhance the prediction by rewording it. Guess I better explain.

The effect involved writing a prediction then asking a spectator to pick up one of five coins. That coin was tossed in the air and noted if it was heads or tails. You had predicted which coin and if it had landed heads or tails. The coin was selected via the old magicians choice and the heads or tails used a very clever two way out much like Raj’s. You had a prediction which read as follows:


The quarter

will Land

Heads up!

Now either covered up the No as you showed it to the spectator or let them see the No! To me this did not read well at all so I changed the wording to:

You will choose

the quarter

which will

not be flipped heads.

Now if the quarter was flipped heads you simply covered the word not with your finger as you held the card. And if it was flipped tails. You said “Ah, it is flipped tails! It was not flipped heads.” Then had them turn over the card to read the prediction themselves. A great impromptu effect. I love anywhere anytime effects.

Then in Vol 2 #16 issue 34 There was an effect again by Raj Madhok. It used Five different colored M&M’s they selected one then you asked if it was with or without a nut. The original used a double written prediction on a post it note that could be opened two ways to show with or without nuts. The selection was again with the magicians choice, so why not write out the prediction as one prediction by wording it as follows.


Now you either cover up the out, or not cover it, depending upon their response. Also, if you are going to force the red then place it either in the imaginary second or fourth position (Second from either end) it gives it more chance of being selected first.

This gives you a great variation if you perform the coin one time then someone else asks to repeat the coin prediction thingy. Tell them you would rather try something else and perform the M&M thingy instead. You might want to reread the SYZYGY presentations as the M&M thing was quite good (They and you, got to eat imaginary M&M’s)