Banachek – The Rose Affair


The following is taken from Teller’s introduction in new book “Psychological Subtelties”, available from Joe Stevens or Scott Wells. It is a simple effect but one that gives us an interesting way to think about how to present mentalism.

Imagine a mentalist who began:

“There are no psychic forces – no vibes, no auras, no influences from the stars, no voices from beyond the grave. I am an illusionist, but instead of conjuring with doves and tigers, I do tricks with information. If I do a good job, you’ll have something to think about on the long drive home.

“Let me give you a sample. You, sir, name any flower. A rose? Fine.

“Now, think back. Did you ever meet me in a florist shop? [“No.”] Have I ever visited your garden? [“I’ve never met you before.”] What made you choose a rose? [“My grandmother used to grow them on the arbor where we dined when we visited her every summer.”] What made you choose this seat in the auditorium tonight? [“I wanted the extra leg room in the aisle.”] Finally, have you noticed any strange activity under your chair? [“Huh?”]

“Well, then, reach down under your seat. There’s an envelope taped in place, isn’t there? Open it up. What does the card inside say? [” ‘The occupant of this seat has just chosen a rose.’ “]

“Now I could tell you that I foresaw that a rose-lover would choose that seat. But I’d be lying. I can’t read minds. I can’t predict the future.

“And yet, you found an envelope under your chair and it told you you’d just chosen a rose. How did it get there? I’ll tell you this much: I put it there an hour ago.

“See? Already you have something to think about on that long drive home.”

That’s a trick you could do tomorrow night, right out of this manuscript. Properly delivered, the audience will get a chill and be delighted. You’d get credit for being a brilliant and mysterious person.


Method: most people when asked to think of a flower will think of a rose. in fact, Larry Becker suggest saying “a long stem flower. If the person does not select a rose, you state, “Ah, a —–, that means you are a person that listens well, one who is cooparative and who is logical. Exactly the kind of person I need to help me here up on stage.” And use them for your next effect, or you could use any of the other various outs in the book.

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