Columnist Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox


Here’s a presentation bit that I stumbled onto during an actual perfor- mance of my mental lecture, “Journey to the Center of the Mind”. It played so well that I’ve featured it in my mental routine ever since. It’s one of those natural, logical things that they will talk about long after they have seen it. It’s a piece of business to use when you are calling off to a spec- tator the serial number on a borrowed bill.

I used to hate it when I was a kid reading magic books, and the author would say, “then force a card by your ‘favorite method” ‘or in this instance, switch a bill by your ‘favorite method’, so I’ll tell you right here that my ‘favorite method’ can be found in a book published by SUPREME OF ENGLAND, called “CLEVER LIKE A FOX.” It’s on page 91, and it’s called “A switch on Dave Hoy’s switch”. (See footnote.) Anyway the spectator ends up with a folded bill, and unknown to the audience, you know its serial number. O.K.?

“Sir, would you please stand and unfold the bill, and look at the serial number. TURN AROUND IF YOU WILL, so that I could not possibly see the number, or watch your lips moving as you study the number. Concentrate! The number on the bill is 9-8-6-4-2, is that correct? IT ISN’T? Oh, I’m sorry, YOU HAVE YOUR BACK TO ME SO I RECEIVED THE NUMBER BACKWARDS! FORWARD it would be 2-4-6-8-9. Is that right? Thank you!”


Here’s one I’ve used a lot at sales meetings to introduce the president of the company or the main speaker. I walk on with a small table (or chair) and a top-hat which is mouth up on the chair or table. “Ladies and gentlemen, our next act is INSIDE my magic hat. You look like you don’t believe me ‘ Here, -.111 show you.” At this point, one of the gals in the show or a sec_ retary, model, sales manager, etc., walks on to help you. You both take hold of the corners of a six-foot square silk and produce it from the hat. With the silk stretched out fully between the two of you, continue the intro as follows: “Allow me to introduce, the colorful personality of MR. TOM MULLICA.

The silk is dropped to the floor and THERE STANDS THE PERSON YOU’VE IN- TRODUCED. I’ll admit it’s not a great mysteryl but, it is a great intro and never fails to get a surprised gasp and a big hand. Naturally, when the silk is stretched out, it’s done so in front of the center-split of the house cur- tain and the speaker (or act) just sneaks out behind it and waits for the silk to fall in order to be revealed.


The rabbit puppet in hat prop has always been a good effect. It’s just perfect also for use as an intro. Work your regular routine first. After the bunny has found the selected card, you say, “You found the card, now what?” The bunny signals for you to lean over so he can whisper in your ear. You say, “That’s right, it is time to introduce the next act, do you know who it is?” The, bunny nods his head, yes, and brings up a little sign on a stick (use a pencil) with the act’s name printed on it.