Ian Adair ñ Twin Book Test

Ian Adair

Wait for it. Yes it’s another book test. Hope you like this one. It’s a little different to others I’ve published in the past.

Two paperbacks are used in this experiment. The performer hands these out to a spectator to examine and they are both genuine. The performer states that whatever page number the spectator wants, he or she can open at that page, and we can also open the other book at the same number. Obviously both top lines are completely different, being different books, and this is shown to the spectator to establish the fact. However, the spectator is asked to concentrate on the top line of his page, and the performer then writes something down on the book he is holding ñ a sort of divination ñ on the same page number too! When revealed, it is seen that the performer has correctly divined the top line of the selected page of the spectator’s choice.

Four paperbacks: These are duplicates. In other words two each of two identical titles ñ pairs! You will leave two unfeked and gaff the other remaining two. From these you make one faked paperback which assist you in accomplishing the experiment.

Remove the covers from both books and transfer one of the cover onto the other book, sticking down with latex glue on the spine. The contents of this book do not match up with the cover design, which forms the secret of the effect. Discard the other book (the fourth one) for we have no use for this. Have the genuine pair together, inside your brief case. Have the feked book in the brief case too, but away from the others.

Bring out the two-unfeked books, stating that you purchased these from a shop and you would like someone to look through them. Get a spectator to look through the pages to establish the fact that these are genuine. Take back one book, allowing the spectator to keep the paperback of which you have the duplicate inside your case. As you take it, reach inside your case to bring out a pen, using the same hand that is holding the book. This is a good excuse to “switch” the books. When you come back out it looks the same as before.

Ask the spectator to think of a page number and then get him to reveal it to all. Ask him to open the paperback at the suggested page number, and you do the same. “I am going to write the first line of your page on this book on the same page number” states the magician. Of course when the book is opened at that page number it is exactly the same page the spectator is looking at. Although moments ago the spectator examined the book you were using, it has been switched and now matches page for page the spectator’s book.

You pretend to start to write the first line on the page, but you merely remember it! The open pen does not seem to work, so you go to the case ñ with its top hinged upwards ñ to get another pen. In doing so, you switch books again to regain the original one. You then write the first line across the page number chosen. Your book is later handed to the spectator for him to check your divination. He will clearly state you have written the exact first line of his page!

The method is so bold you may reject it ñ if you do you will lose a very effective book test. Remember that the books are proved to be completely different both at the beginning and at the conclusion of the effect. This is the “clincher” for a lay audience ñ and what happens in between appears perfectly natural!

Have Fun!