Ian Adair's – Which Is Lighter?

Ian Adair

Here’s a comedy close-up effect, suitable for table-hoppers; if they want to be called that!

From his pocket, the magician removes two coins, one lighter and one heavier then the other (i.e., a 50-cent piece and a penny). Holding these in one closed hand the magician ask which is the light, the penny or the fifty-cent piece? The audience will automatically say the fifty-cent piece is the heaviest and that the penny is lighter.

This is repeated using several coins of different value and can become quite a competition.

Finally, the performer ask, when he places the heavy coin in his right hand and a light coin in the other, “which is lighter?”

When he opens his hand, no matter what the reaction is given, there’s a lightera cigarette lighter!

Have the cigarette lighter in your right hand trouser pocket. (Girls – you see I am thinking of you – have it in your handbag, buy many of you wear trousers!).

Have some different coins inside your pocket.

Remove a couple at the start, making sure that these are completely different to each other. Let’s say you bring out a penny and say a fifty-cent coin. Place them together into your right closed fist. Ask which is lighter? The audience will say the penny and they will be right. Do this over and over again, using different coins, making it obvious which coin is lighter than the other. Finally when tipping into your pocket secretly palm the cigarette lighter. In showing both coins, steal away the lighter one. Close your fist. Ask the audience which is lighter. When you open your fingers, there’s the lighter. Simply steal away the lighter when going to the pocket instead of a coin, ask which is lighter and when they answer, open your fingers and show them that . . . no matter what they think . . . it is a lighter . . . a cigarette lighter in fact!

Have Fun – Ian Adair