Karrell Fox – A "chanin-ized" Silk Vanish

Karrell Fox

Without a doubt, one of the most clever guys in the magic business is my good friend, JACK CHANIN. His books, marketed effects and ideas, are always first class. Several years ago the prolific Mr. Chanin showed me a delightful method of vanishing a paper napkin. Jack’s idea triggered the wheels in my noggin and helped me to come up with a very deceptive silk vanish that I used when I perform the “20th Century Silks”.

You will need a thump tip with a small corner cut out, about two inches long of a silk handkerchief to match the color of the 18 inch square silk handkerchief that you are going to vanish.

Photo 1

When picked up from your table or removed from your pocket, the thumb tip (with silk corner protruding) and the regular handkerchief are held together as in Photo 1, in right hand. Left hand takes hold of bottom of handkerchief and is (you should pardon this much used phrase in magic) “zig-zagged” back and forth toward the right and as shown in Photo 2.

Photo 2 Photo 3

The next photo (Photo 3) shows the silk “hank” completely folded into left hand. At this point the left hand (with silk concealed) is thrust into your pocket for the well known pinch of “woofle-dust” or better yet, I use a small pinch of real paper confetti. Anyway, the silk is left in the pocket. Empty left hand now tucks the corner of the silk corner in the thumb tip held in closed right fist, steals it on left thumb and then both hands are gracefully opened to show that the silk handkerchief has disappeared.

The beauty of this handling is that apparently the handkerchief never leaves sight of the audience. They think they see it right up until the moment of the complete vanish. It’s a pretty vanish. Now, many magicians across the country who have seen me use this, will understand why I smiled so widely when they commented, “I never saw you get a hold of the silk pull!”

Clever Like A Fox is everything the critics have said about it…just an outstanding book. I have read it from cover to cover in one sitting. Fantastic!” –Eric F. Glassy, CA USA