Karrell Fox – Another Book

Karrell Fox


The premise – THEY write their question. THEY tear up the paper, and sometimes THEY burn the paper. Yet, YOU have the information on what THEY have written and destroyed. This is merely a “Foxy” variation on the well known center tear principal of the late mental genius TED ANNEMANN. The principal being that a circle is drawn in the center of the paper slip (as a focus spot, for their mind?). If that paper is then folded into quarters and torn once each way, the circled (or center) part will still be in one piece and can be secretly read by you to obtain the information. Previous and torn once each way, the circled (or center) part will still be in one piece and can be secretly read by you to obtain the information. Previous methods required that YOU do the tearing. In my method, “theyduit”.

Draw a circle in the center of a square piece of paper. The paper should be about three inches by three inches. After the spectator writes their question, symbol, or whatever, and has folded the paper once each way, take the paper from them, place it to your forehead and say, “picture in your mind, a visualization of your thoughts. As you’re thinking of your thought, I’d like you to tear this paper in half.”


Hold the paper in your right hand as in figure one. Have them take the paper in their right hand. The only way they CAN take it is by the folded center. After they tear it, you take both halves back, one in each hand. Place the center part on the front, facing you. Hand them the pieces again as in figure two. THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN TAKE IT, IS THE RIGHT WAY. Again they tear the pieces in half, and again you take half of the pieces in each hand. The torn center is now on top of the pieces held in your left hand.

Have the spectator hold out both hands, palms up. As they are doing this, your left thumb slides the torn center section from the face of the pile into your left palm. This will leave the rest of the pieces at your left fingertips and your right fingertips. Drop all of these pieces into the spectators hands (half in each), secretly retaining the folded center section in your left hand.


Have the spectator dump the right hand pieces into their left hand, cup the hands together and shake up all the pieces. As you give them these directions, your left hand has unfolded the center-section slip and clipped it between the left hand first and second fingers as in the photograph.

Here you have cupped your hands to show them how to ‘peek’ inside their hands. Which is exactly what you do as you boldly read their message.


Raise your left hand and cup your right hand over it as you say “peek between your hands, look at the pieces and concentrate on what you’ve written”. As you are explaining and showing them what to do, YOU PEEK INSIDE YOUR OWN CUPPED HANDS AND READ THE INFORMATION FROM THE SLIP FACING YOU. Separate your hands and close your fists (which crumples the piece you just read) and give them the information as part of a GOOD cold reading. Then extend your right hand and have them dump all of the pieces they hold into it. You dump these into your left hand, on top of the piece you have there, and dispose of the whole mess in your pocket or the waste can.

This is another example of straight-line mentalism. The way you would do it IF YOU WERE A MENTALIST FOR REAL!

“I appreciate practical magic. ‘Clever Like a Fox’ has more than its fair share… Modern stuff too and that s important. Not only does it contain first-rate magic but it’s a ‘fun: book to read too.”

Graham Reed.

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