Karrell Fox – Bank Night Plus

Karrell Fox

More fun at an Abbot “Get-Together” when the snake refuses to rise from the basket.
RECIL BORDNER is called for to repair it, which de does…WITH A HAMMER!

This trick has been sold under many different titles, “Bank Night”, “Just Chance”, “The Lucky Magician”, etc. This simple effect is that you show four pay size envelopes. Three of these are selected by members of the audience and one is left for you. They can switch envelopes all they want, with each other or with you. After all the switching is over, each of the spectators open their envelopes only to find a piece of folded blank paper, your envelope however, contains a FOLDED $20.00 BILL!

Before we get to my simple method, I want to tell you about a little addition I’ve made to the presentation that really makes it more entertaining. When the spectators open their envelopes, they still just get a slip of paper but, each one has something written on it and each spectator reads their message out loud to the audience. Write or type the following message, one on each slip:

  1. I am a loser, but, I am a good sport. Notice how I smile.

  2. If I would not have exchanged envelopes that last time, I would be $20 richer.

  3. Since I did not win the $20, I will always think that this magician is a cheat!

  4. I did not win the $20 but, it does not bother me as I am independently wealthy!

Fold each slip and place it inside a small manila pay envelope. The other prop you will need is ANY ORDINARY MAGAZINE. Take a nice, crisp, $20 and fold it in half twice the long way and once the other way. Slip this folded bill part way into the magazine. Put in about the middle of the magazine and back toward the binding as in illustration.

(Figure 1) Allow the bill to stick out of the magazine about half an inch. Lay the magazine on your table (bill to the back) and place the four envelopes on top of the magazine. You’re ready!

Get three volunteers on stage to help. Pick up the four envelopes, show them and explain the game-one contains $20 and the one who gets it, keeps it. Toss the envelopes back onto the magazine and pick up the magazine holding it like a tray. Your right hand covers the protruding bill so it cannot be seen.

Each spectator selects an envelope. One is left on the magazine for you. They exchange all they want until each ends up with one and one is left on the magazine for you. Slide the envelope left for you over to the edge of the magazine so that the envelope covers the protruding bill. Right thumb and fingers remove the envelope from the magazine and at the same time pull away the folded bill so that it is hidden behind the envelope. Casually toss the magazine back onto the table.

Have each of the three spectators open their envelopes, unfold the papers and read them aloud, then holding envelope with bill concealed behind it still in right hand (Figure 2), the left hand tears the top off of your envelope. Your left first, and second fingers enter the envelope and as they are withdrawn, the thumb holding the bill comes right along with them. (Figure 3).

The illusion that the bill came from the envelope is perfect. Crush the envelope (and the slip of paper still inside it) into a ball and toss it on your table. Unfold the bill. Remark: “It’s nice to be lucky” and take several bows.

And now for the famous “Cards Across”, but somehow or other “Real Smoke” seems to get into the act, to the alarm of Roy Kissel!