Karrell Fox – Fox Column Jan95

Karrell Fox


Here’s some oldies that always get laughs from one of magic worlds icons–KARRELL FOX–


For several years in my “FOX-TALES” Column in “TOPS” magazine, I ran a series of gags with dollar bills under the title of Karrell’s Korny Bill Collection”. These gag bills proved to be a very commercial and entertaining interlude during my close-up magic. Some twenty-five to thirty people contributed ideas for the collection. If you have a file of “TOPS” look up the ideas, but here, to get you started, are the original dozen bills I started with. Anytime you take out a wallet for an effect, or do any bill or coin routine, you can display your little money-museum of bills, and you’ll find high interest and heavyt chuckles will be your reward.

I usually started the bit by remarking, “You’ve heard the expression, a fast buck? Watch!” I had a bill fastened to a P & L hand reel. The reel was held in my right hand and I placed the bill on the table with my left hand. As I released the “brake” on the reel, it caused the bill to suddenly jump from the table over to the edge and down into my lap. I finished by saying, “that’s the FASTEST BUCK I’ve ever seen!” I would then take out my wallet and show the gag bills one at a time, and pass them around the table.

1. Take a regular bill and cut out a piece of silver foil (kidnap it from your wife’s kitchen), and rubber cement it to the back of the bill. Show the regular bill side first, and as you turn it over, say “this is of course, a SILVER DOLLAR”.

2. “This is the ‘new-type’ five dollar bill” says the magician. See, there’s TWO on this side and THREE on this side, to make FIVE altogether!” All you’ve done here is to take one of the phoney (but authentic looking) three dollar bills, available at most magic shops, and rubber cement it to the back of a REAL two-dollar bill. Show the two-side first, then flip it over and show the three.

3. This is the famous “BUFFALO BILL” you say as you turn over another bill displaying a picture of a buffalo that you’ve cut out of a magazine and glued to the back side of a regular bill.

4. Another bill is glued to a thin piece of plywood. Those of you who live in the east may display this as a “BILLBOARD”. I’m sure my Texas magic friends would display it as a “BUCK-BOARD”.

5. Before you put the glue away, get a piece of chamois and glue it to the back of a bill. Then you can say, as you turn the bill over, “This dollar is made of real “BUCKSKIN!.

6. You exhibit a dollar bill and say, “This is a new ten dollar bill”. I hope your spextator will say “No, it isn’t it’s only a one”. But, you insist “No, IT’S A TIN”. (Turn the bill over and show the piece of tin you’ve glued the bill onto.)

7. Using a felt marking pen (or India ink) print the word RIGHT all over the back of the bill. Ya’ get it? It’s now the historic “BILL OF RIGHTS”.

8. Soak a dollar bill overnight in a bleach solution (I used “Roman cleanser”). When you remove it, it will be quite faded. Before I bring it out of my wallet, I say “Here’s one that I received every month. It’s called a “LIGHT BILL”.

9. This one is simply a large, musical note which has been cut out of a dollar bill, which naturally makes it a “BANK NOTE!”

10. Take a regular one dollar bill, and using a razor blade, cut the complete center out, leaving just a quarter of an inch frame. When you display this bill frame, say “Here’s a dollar bill WITH THE TAXES REMOVED”!

11. “This is one that we’re all familiar with. It’s MY RENT MONEY.” When bill is turned over there’s a small sign on it that reads, FOR RENT.

12. Rubber cement a regular dollar bill to a piece of cardboard or clear plastic. After it dries, cut the bill in half lengthwise in a jagged manner. Bring both pieces out held together. Separating them, remark, “THIS IS A SAW-BUCK”!

If these gags don’t get a few laughs to enliven your close-up routine, then SEND ME A BILL!