Karrell Fox – Fox Column Jul95

Karrell Fox

Columnist Karrell Fox

Editor’s Note: Karrell has been on the road recently performing at the I.B.M. convention in Oakland. However, despite his busy schedule, he wanted to share this with you. It’s a rare tidbit from one of his first books, printed in 1954 and still a fooler today. The book is “Kornfidentially Yours” and has 27 strong effects. This one’s called “Foxy Foolers” – Try it you’ll like it!

Top Secret: Here’s a real pet of mine I’m releasing for the first time, (and boy, is it glad to get loose). Do you know the old stunt of forming a paper napkin around a salt shaker and then lowering the shaker unnoticed, into your lap. Finally, crushing the paper shell! Well, you would never believe I could fool such men as Bert Allerton and John Mullholland with such a minor fraud. However, I can and did, just by adding one little piece of business. That was to loosen the shaker top (unnoticed) before I started. Then I went ahead and formed the paper around the shaker and ditched it in the usual manner. However, I retained the loose top under the paper; I picked up a piece of silverware and tapped the top several times. I then slowly & deliberately crushed the paper into a tight ball. Believe me, there was really a surprised expression on their faces. Try it this way and see for yourself.