Karrell Fox – Fox Column Nov95

Karrell Fox

Karrell Fox column

Here are more great items from Karrell Fox. These have been excerpted from his “Korn-fidentially Yours” book, published by Magic Inc., and reprinted here with permission.


WHERE’S THE BUNNY? Producing a bunny from a hat has been a trademark associated with magicians for years. However, very few magicians perform it. The following effect is my effort to revive this seldom-seen miracle.

EFFECT– Magician displays a top hat which contains a thirty-six inch silk, this is removed and the obviously empty hat is replaced on his table. The silk has a picture of a top-hat with a bunny emerging from it. Stuffing the silk into a paper bag you explain that you are going to cause it to travel invisibly back into the hat, the bag is torn open and the silk has vanished. After explaining that the silk has traveled over to the hat, You stride over and triumphantly remove the missing silk from the hat and display it to the audience, BUT WAIT! Why, that’s not the same silk, there’s only a top-hat painted on that one, where’s the bunny? “Oh, that is simple” replies the mystery man. “He’s still in the hat,” so saying he reaches into the hat and brings forth a live, white, wiggling bunny! Amidst the thunderous applause and shouts of “Bravo” he takes his fourteen bows and rushes back-stage to collect his five bucks for the show.

METHOD — Load your top hat with Ireland’s bunny bundle. This is a device which fits into any hat and allows it to be shown empty when actually it contains a load. Under the device put a thirty-six inch silk with a top-hat painted on it and a small live bunny. In the hat proper, place your regular rabbit and hat silk. You will also need one of the familiar double sided paper bags, for the vanish of the first silk. The working should now be clear. You show the top hat, remove the silk, and place it in the bag from which it vanishes. Then reaching under the “bunny bundle” you bring forth the other silk, followed


This would be a good follow-up for the preceeding trick or any trick using a live rabbit. With bunny in hand, you patter as follows: “Ladies and gentlemen, you see before you, the only bunny in the world with a college education. In fact, this bunny is so smart that he’s asked me to recite his original poem for you. it goes something like this:

Some little rabbits are born in the field. But I wasn’t born out there. I was born in a cellar. So, I’m an “ingrown hair!” Wasn’t that cute? He would have read it for himself, only he has a hare-lip. His mother once warned him, “Vernon, if you keep on writing poems like that you will grow up to be a goon.” Little Vernon replied, “Oh that’s all right, Mom, `HARE TODAY AND GOON TOMORROW.’ ” Vernon can do other tricks too. For instance, tell the folks, “Vernon, what is two and two? Come on, answer. What is two and two? Hmmm, no wonder he doesn’t know. I forgot, he can’t add, all he can do is multiply. Well, anyway, this started out to be a card trick so will you sir, select a card, return it, fin, I’ll shuffle the deck making sure your card is lost. “Vernon, you look over the deck and pick out the selected card. Do you have it?’ Swell, is this your card, sir? I’ll lift Vernon up in the air while he receives his applause, for you must admit, you have just witnessed a hare-raising trick!”