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Karrell Fox

Karrell has graciously given us authorization to republish some of the effects in his new book, “Much Ado About Something.” The regular price for this new treatise is $35 postpaid, but Joe Stevens is offering it at a savings to GeMiNi subscribers. Please see Joe’s Subscriber Specials column for May.

The Topper The late prolific U.F. (Gen.) Grant invented many tricks that have become standard items in today’s magic shops. One of his best sellers for the last 20 years (which is still available at most magic shops) is called “Strat-O-Spheres.” In the effect, there are four different colored balls. The red ball is put at the bottom, in the middle, and second from the top, however it always jumps back to the top when the tube is removed. If you merely add a stick-on label of the company you are working for (logo), this becomes a perfect trick for trade shows. Patter about “our competitors keep talking us down, but we always come out on top.” Think about it, and do a little creative writing. It’s a natural.

Jet-Settings I imagine that every club-date performer has at least one of Abbott’s jet-sets. In case you don’t, permit me to describe it to you. It’s a compact backdrop which sets up to a six-foot by six-foot size, and breaks down to an extremely light bunch of metal tubes.

Magicians have been using them for years, and I’m sure that Abbott Magic Co. of Colon, Mich., still (quite reasonably) sells them.

When I was magishing, I used to carry two of their units in the trunk of my car. Placing one of these diagonally across a corner of a room creates a useable dressing room space for your assistant, or you if you’re shy. I think my second jet-set came in handiest when I was performing a kid show. Here’s the plan. Set up the jet-set in front of your kid show crowd, right close to them. Then you can set up your props and tables *behind* the backdrop. Right before showtime, have two of the committee members move the backdrop from in front of you to *behind* you.

When it’s in front, allow the kids to sit close to it. If you set up about three feet in back of it, when it’s moved, you will have a decent performing distance between you and your juvenile admirers.