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Karrell Fox

A COUPLE OF “THUMB”-TIPS Number 1 Short & Sweet

Our “supper table sorcerer” calls attention to the sugar bowl he holds in his left hand. He taps the edge of the bowl with a teaspoon he holds in his right hand. The bowl is replaced on the table and the left hand is formed into a fist. The right hand taps the spoon against the closed left fist. The left fist is speezed tightly and then slowly (finger by finger) opened to disclose A SUGAR CUBE!

The gimmick is the magicians old (and very useful) standby, a thumbtip. The thumb-tip and the sugar cube are concealed in the left hand. You will recall that the sugar bowl is also held in this hand. Show the teaspoon in your right hand, and handle it casually so that the spectators can observe that the hand is otherwise empty. Fill the spoon with sugar (not too full, experiment!) and set the bowl back on the table at the same time forming the left hand into a fist. Slowly dump the sugar into the left fist, actually it goes into the thumb-tip. Turn the left fist downward so that the closed fingers are on the bottom, and the top of the fist is upwards.

************************* WISDOM FOR THE WIZARDS ***************************

“Imitation is the sincerest form of thievery.”

Don’t be a magician who suffers from “I” trouble.

Magic has had a magnet-cycle, and a balloon-cycle, and a dove cycle. Why doesn’t someone invent some new tricks with motors so we can have a MOTORCYCLE!

He who laughs last is the guy you stole the joke from in the first place.

New things that are good, are very good. But, old things that are good, are much better than new things which are not so good.