Karrell Fox – Kiddin Silks

Karrell Fox
Kiddin’ Silks

You’re watching “WOW” THE WIZARD do a kid show. He has called up a young man from the audience to assist him. He has shown a top hat empty, and then proceeded to pull many large, 36-inch square, silks and streamers from it. As the silks are produced, they are at first handed to the kid to hold and then draped all over him. They are hung from his shoulders, his arms, wrapped around his neck etc. As the kid is loaded with the silks, the “wizard” keeps admonishing him to stand still and quit moving around so much, or the “wizard” will MAKE HIM DISAPPEAR!

The “wizard,” still annoyed at the (apparent) moving around of the kid asks his juvenile audience, “Should I really make him disappear?” Yes, they shout. “O.K. I will,” chortles the “wizard” and he produces a thirty-six inch square, white silk, and with a grand gesture DRAPES IT OVER THE KID’S HEAD.

“WOW” says, “Well, HE’S GONE! Now should I bring him back (?) or CHANGE HIM INTO A RABBIT?” “Change him into a rabbit” shout the kids (and if you don’t believe they will, you haven’t done enough kid shows). “Wow” lifts the edge of the silk that’s over the kid’s head, and slips his own head under it, shouting “Do you mind if I change you into a rabbit? He says fine, so here goes.”

“Wow” removes another 36-inch white silk from the top hat. Holding it by the diagonal corners, he twists it into a loose tube. The center of the tube is placed under the kid’s chin, the ends are brought up over the sides of the kid’s face, and THE TWO ENDS ARE TIED INTO A KNOT ON TOP OF THE KID’S HEAD. “Wow” holds one end in each hand, and holds them up as ears, as he says “JOHNNY IS NOW BUGS BUNNY!” The rabbit silks and all the others are quickly removed from Johnny and he is sent back to his seat, ending the sequence.

P.S. Leave the silk on the kid’s head, and tie the second one right over it.