Karrell Fox – Liquahank

Karrell Fox


A white pocket handkerchief is shown. Magician holds it stretched out between both hands and displays it freely on both sides. Then slowly and deliberately he rolls it into a tube about one inch in diameter. He folds the tube in half and picking up a small “juice” glass from his table he pours enough orange juice, soft stuff or hard stuff, your choice, anyway HE POURS ENOUGH LIQUID FROM THE HANDKERCHIEF TO COMPLETELY FILL THE GLASS. The handkerchief is then slowly unrolled, and shown to still be unprepared and DRY.

You will be able to purchase the gimmick for this effect at most cigar or tobacco stores. There are several brands of cigars that come packaged in glass tubes, similar to a test tube. They even have a nice, air-tight, plastic cork. Buy one of these glass packaged cigars. Remove the cigar and if you don’t smoke cigars then give it to a friend of yours who has a pregnant wife. EVENTUALLY, IT WILL SAVE HIM MONEY.

Fill the tube within one and a half inches of the top and put the plastic cap on it, then slip the tube into your jacket breast pocket. Also have a white handkerchief in same pocket. The tube is of course, concealed behind the handkerchief. All that’s necessary to get ready for the production is to unobtrusively remove the cap from the tube. This can be done quite awhile before the production. Don’t worry, providing you don’t stand on your head, the liquid will not spill.

Right hand approaches breast pocket right second finger is inserted into mouth of tube. Other fingers close around handkerchief as handkerchief and tube are removed from pocket (figure 1). Both hands are holding handkerchief in front of you. Bend right second finger inwards allowing tube to be hidden behind right wrist and arm (figure2).

Now thumbs and forefingers of each hand get a hold of two corners of handkerchief and spread it out. Move left hand across in front of right hand allowing handkerchief to be shown on both sides. Move left hand back to where it was and straighten out right second finger, this will put tube behind handkerchief. Thumbs fold handkerchief over, away from audience, allowing handkerchief to cover tube (figure 3).

Show handkerchief on both sides at this point and then using a sort of jump rope motion, roll handkerchief into a tube. Fold handkerchief roll in half. Hold folded handkerchief roll in left hand as right hand removes finger from tube. Right hand picks up glass and glass is slowly filled as you tip the handkerchief roll to the right (figure 4). Set glass of liquid on table, or pass it out. HOPE YOU’RE STILL WITH ME. Now we’re going to get rid of the tube.

Tip open end of rolled handkerchief towards audience. Right second finger enters end of rolled handkerchief and gets tube back on finger. Back of right hand is to audience, now all you do is move right hand towards audience. The tube will slip right out of the handkerchief (this move is similar to a hand dye-tube steal) (figure 5).

Bend the second finger inwards allowing the tube to fold back and again be hidden by right wrist and arm. Right forefinger and thumb grasp one of the corners of the rolled up handkerchief, allowing it to unroll and be seen empty and dry. Both hands come together as if you’re drying hands on handkerchief, bunch up handkerchief and tube and put them back in your pocket or on the table.

Did you get all the way through it? Well, I just reread it and can’t think of anything I left out. Read and try it again and with the help of the drawings I think you’ll get it and once you do get it — you got it!