Karrell Fox – P. "nutty" Sandwich

Karrell Fox

This could also be called “Time Out For Lunch”, because that’s what I used the prop for, originally. In the middle of my kid show, I would casually glance at my watch and say, “Good Gosh! It’s time for me to have my lunch. Pardon me.”

I would then remove a child’s metal lunch box from my table and open it up. I removed a napkin, which I tucked under my chin, and then I removed three bananas, six oranges, a loaf of bread, a long string of hot-dogs, a giant red lobster, several large carrots, two plucked chickens, two glasses of milk, a glass of tomato juice, a water-melon and finally, a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH!

As I removed each article, I would say, “No, that’s not what I want to eat”, until I got to the last item and said, “Ah, here’s what I wanted, a PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH!”

Before I explain the sandwich gag, let me tell you about the rest. I collected all of the collapsible rubber items that I had, (you’ve already read the list), I then took three bottomless glasses that nested and painted them to look like two of them were full of milk, and one was full of tomato juice. I bought the smallest kid’s lunch box I could find, that would still be big enough to hold all of the rubber production items when they were collapsed.

Incidentally, I took all of the items with me to the store and tried to fit them into several different lunch boxes, until I found the one that was just right. The reaction of the store’s customers and salespeople to my experiments would take another book to describe. Let’s just say they were BEWILDERED!

Now that we’ve gotten the “time for lunch” premise out of the way, let’s discuss the PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH, which is what I started to write about when I got side-tracked.

I took two slabs of white foam rubber, five inches square and rounded the corners on one end. I then hollowed them out (using scissors). I took brown shoe dye, and painted the edges so that the finished prop looked just like two slices of bread.

I found some brown (or tan) cloth that was the perfect “Peanut butter” color, and made a cylinder, four inches in diameter and six inches tall.

I cut two circles of cardboard, one for the top of the cylinder and one for the bottom, and glued the open cylinder to them. I used a piece of white cotton tape about one-half of an inch wide, which I glued to the top of the cloth cylinder and I then took some “prang” textile colors (available at art stores) and painted a “label” on the cylinder.

Using rubber cement, I fastened the cardboard discs to the slices of sponge bread, one disc in each slice. When the two slices of bread are together the cloth peanut butter jar, is hidden between them. I would hold the bottom slice in my left hand and raise the top slice upwards with my right hand.. This would make it look like a full-sized jar of peanut butter, that was between the slices of bread.

When I brought out the sandwich, I would say, “I just love peanut butter sandwiches, don’t you? I only like them when you use a lot of peanut butter to make them. Look, I USE A WHOLE JAR!” The bread slides are separated at this point, so that the jar may be seen. I then close it (the jar) and apparently take a big bite out of it. I lay the sandwich aside and as I start to talk, I discover that my TEETH AND JAWS ARE STUCK TOGETHER. 1 use both hands to pull them apart and that ends the bit with another good laugh.