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Karrell Fox



What could be better magic than to do a “gag” prediction such as the one you just read and the laughs AND THEN to repeat the trick (or at least a similar trick) and to have it be 100% CORRECT! Intrigued? O.K., read on.


This time, you get a gentleman up to help. You give him a deck of cards, in it’s case, with the request that he place the deck inside his coat pocket, as you patter, “Before the show started, I took a deck of cards and shuffled them. I then ‘peeked’ at one card. I removed that card, reversed it in the deck, and returned the deck to its case. I just gave you that deck, and you have it in your inside pocket. Now, I would like you to do the same thing with this deck that I did with mine. We’ll shuffle it, you ‘peek’ at a card. Take the deck, remove the one card you ‘peeked’ at, turn it face up and push it back into the deck. May I have my deck back now? Let’s see what card I reversed. IT’S THE TEN OF HEARTS! Now would you fan out your deck and show our audience the card that you ‘peeked’ at and reversed? Ah, IT TOO IS THE TEN OF HEARTS, truly a MIRACLE! Thank you.”

Stong effect isn’t it? Now for the explanation incase you need it. The deck you give the spectator at the beginning is the well-known, Joe Berg’s “Ultra-mental” deck. It’s also sold by dealers as the “invisible deck”, however, it’s still the same deck, just a new name. With this deck, you can show any card reversed. The second deck is ordinary. You shuffle it and let the spectator ‘peek’ at any card. Using the standard ‘peek’ move, you know what card he’s selected (if you can’t do a simple ‘peek’ move, then I suggest that you sell your car, your house or one of your childern and acquire enough cash to buy ALL of ED MARLO’S books.

You hand him the ordinary deck and ask him to remove and reverse his card (turn your back), then ask for your deck, fan it our showing the reversed card which, of course, matches the one he reversed and will show.

The nice subtle part is that you show your reversed card BEFORE he shows his, and he’s left with the ordinary deck in his hands.


When you load your wife into the doll’s house, tell her: “Be sure to KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT.”