Mike Rogers – Double Lift Downs Change

Mike Rogers

Double Lift-Downs Change

Mike Rogers

Does magic literature really need more drivel devoted to the Double Lift? Perhaps not, but here goes. What I’m about to describe has two extremely strong points in its favor. First, though there is a get-ready action this motion is done well in advance and is invisibly killed prior to the actual double turnover of the two cards. Second, after the two cards are turned face up they are automatically in position for the Downs Change (see Downs Art of Magic) .

Here’s the doin’.

To begin I suggest you review Leipzig’s Double Lift on page 29 of Vernon’s Tribute to Nate Leipzig. We are going to closely duplicate, but not entirely, that action.

To perform the Double Lift-Downs Change follow along with deck in left hand dealer’s position. Using any method you know establish a left little finger break under the top two cards. As soon as this break is established use the tip of the left little finger to push the two cards to the left. Once the cards are pushed to the left the two cards, as one, will be jogged to the left at the left rear corner of the deck proper. As this is done release any break remaining on the little finger. Ed Marlo published this get-ready many years ago; however, Marlo, using his right hand from above, rotated the entire deck end for end sending the jogged double to the upper right side of deck. This rotation of the deck is not done for the move we are now describing. Leave the jogged double (jogged only at the corner, touching the heal of your thumb) pointing to the left.

You are now set to easily perform the Leipzig turnover without having to “milk” the edge of the cards to establish the pick up. Once the two cards (as one) have been turned face up they are deposited (as one) on top of the talon overlapping to the right about one inch. They are now automatically in the correct position to execute the Downs Change, apparently placing the visible face card on table while actually exchanging it for the hidden card.