Mike Rogers – High Tech Wizard

Mike Rogers

High Tech Wizard


Remember the trick we did years ago called The Wizard? A spectator removed a card and the magician then made a phone call asking “Is the Wizard there?” At this time the accomplice on the other end would start counting until the count was interrupted by the magician. In this manner the name of the selection was keyed to the Wizard. The phone was handed to the spectator and the Wizard told him the name of his selected card. It’s actually a good trick. Here’s a high tech version requiring no accomplice , and the spectator does all the calling. The magician never touches the phone.

Effect: Spectator removes a card. The magician then hands the spectator his cell phone with a number to dial along with an extension once the number is reached. The spectator dials the number and hears the following message. “You have reached 555-1234 , if you know the extension you are calling please enter it now.” The spectator then enters the extension, let’s say it’s 987, and hears the following message. “Good evening Mr. Stevens. Your silk tie having pictures of fish certainly fits your hobby. I notice you are drinking a fine German beer; it’s one of my favorites too. Incidentally, your selected card is the King of Diamonds. Thanks for calling.”

All of the information, the tie, the German beer, anything else appropriate, and the card, are correct.

That’s it. Here’s the method. Upon arriving at the function you single out a spectator, Joe Stevens in this example, who you will involve in this effect. Secretly call your answering machine leaving the personal message with Joe’s name, tie, drink, and of course the name of the card you intend to force. That’s it. The dirty work is done. Later when performing, force the needed card on Joe and have him make the call using your cell phone. The extension number you give is really the code number which recalls your messages on your answering machine. He hears the personal message you secretly sent earlier in the evening.

Naturally there is the chance that some legitimate caller might have also left a message on your machine. However, you can check this a few minutes before performing. Also, if it has happened the legitimate message will follow your message, so chances are Joe won’t hear it. Even if he does it’s not the end of the world.