Mike Rogers – I Ama Star

Mike Rogers

I Am a Star

I am a STAR! At least as performing magician I am a star. No, I’m not on a ego trip, nor am I being presumptuous. The fact is simply this. I am truly a magical star. Perhaps you wonder how I can make such a statement and still look myself in the mirror. There comes a time in the lives of some magicians when we reach the top, a time when the long climb has been achieved, and a time when the goals of greatness have been met. For me that time has come.

Assuming the above paragraph doesn’t disgust you please read on and I’ll explain. Everything I’m about to relate is entirely true, and I’ll tell it exactly as it happened with no embellishments.

At a recent performance I was instructed upon arrival to register with the administrators of the facility. Upon doing so, for security reasons, I was escorted to the performing area. I didn’t feel as if I were in any danger, but having the security escort was reassuring.

My scheduled performance had been well publicized. The story of my career had been related to the audience and they knew all about me long before the day of the program. They even knew the names of some of my closest family members. Excitement about me being there ran high. When I reached the performing venue the organizers had to actually restrain some of the audience members from converging on me as they made great efforts to gain my attention.

I was the only performer on the program, and I had them in the palm of my hand from the opening effect through the final encore. At times some of the viewers lost control of their emotions and rushed towards me just to be closer. They wanted to hold the magical tricks, and if possible to even touch me. I understand now how Elvis must have felt. They eagerly accepted any small souvenir I would give them, including such things as a piece of rope or a torn paper. So popular was I that more than once the organizers had to provide security for both me and the equipment I was using in the program.

At the end of the show, in order to maintain order, the authorities had to rush me away before the audience actually realized I was gone. Seems they all wanted to touch me, talk to me, and become a part of my life. I was escorted to my car by one of the organizers, a beautiful young lady with a captive simile and a charming personality. Before leaving she hugged me tightly, kissed my cheek, and told me I would always be welcome to perform there again. My feelings of success were overwhelming. I knew then that this is how it is to be a star.

Everything I have said is absolutely true.

Incidentally, the beautiful young lady who kissed my cheek is my daughter. She’s an elementary school teacher, and my audience that day was her kindergarten class of 22 children, all five years old.