Mike Rogers – Oddity

Mike Rogers
By Mike Rogers

There is an oddity with cards from the U.S. Playing Card Company that has bugged me for several years. Even though I’ve singled out USPC the oddity also exists with cards from other companies. It’s simply this: Look at the six cards in the picture below. The three cards in the top row are Bicycle Cards Poker Size. The three cards in the bottom row are Bicycle Cards Bridge Size.

Notice that the large corner pips on the poker size cards are all in the upper left corners and lower right corners. Now look at the same pips on the bridge size cards. The large pips on the King of Spades are located in the same corners as on the poker size King of Spades. However, the large pips on the Jack and Queen are in the upper right corners and lower left corners.

Also, on the poker cards all the people are looking to their left. On the bridge cards the Jack and Queen are looking to their right while the King is looking to the left.

Though I’ve shown only the spade face cards, this oddity exists with the pips of the face cards on all four suits. Moreover, it’s this way on every deck of cards I’ve seen from USPC, not just Bicycle.

United States Playing Card Company has exhibited in several trade shows where I’ve worked. I have always visited their booth and asked if anyone could explain this oddity. Not only has no one been able to explain it, not one person I’ve spoken to even knew about it until I pointed it out to them.