Pete Biro – Loopy Loop

Pete Biro

Loopy Loop, AKA “Pricking the Garter” or… call it what you wish. It’s the old gambling game with and Endless Loop. Whilst working up various handlings, I came upon a NEW item and a Magical Finish for the routine.

The effect: After doing the Gambling Demonstrations showing how the “sucker” can not win, that no matter which side he/she chooses, they will always be “loose” (another name for the routine is Fast and Loose!). Now that you know more history than you care to… what’s my new effect?

You make the standard layout, and place YOUR finger in the figure 8 wherever the spectator asks. You say, “No matter where I place my finger, I guarantee you, my finger will be INSIDE A LOOP.

You do so.

How? Simple. You add another loop. I use a small loop (the one shown is actually a bit too large) which you can either get from your pocket at an opportune moment, if seated have in your lap, or it could be in your sleeve. Whatever fits the situation.

You then do the layout, and you get the small loop into position (in palm but looped around index finger) making sure it is not seen from the front. (see photos for clear look at positions, grip, etc.).

As you reach to pull the layout you drop the hand into the selected side of the figure 8, and as you draw the chain away, the small loop is let drop and merges in with the jumbled loops–so when the long loop is pulled free and away, you are left with the small loop encircling your finger. Yes, you win… you finger IS INSIDE A LOOP.

George Blake’s Loopy Loop, Nick Trost published a fine handling and so did Ken Brooke. Whit Haydn has a manuscript on the subject, they are all worth study.

Try it… you’ll like it.