Personally Speaking – Dec04

Congresso Brasileiro De Magicos – 2004

One of the perks of my job is the opportunity to travel. Jay Marshal is credited as the person who when asked what the benefits of being a professional magician replied (paraphrased), "Traveling around the world with a bag of tricks – it’s the greatest!"

Brazil is a great place!

One of the things we at Stevens Magic always try to do is share in our travels and experiences with you – "our clients". We are after all – a family business and we like to think you’re part of our family. So think of this report as being similar to viewing pictures from your brother?s trip to Mount Ugo Katatchi, only better because this story deals with magic (HA)! We hope you will enjoy this review and others in the future.

Congresso Brasileiro De Magicos – October 29th – November 2nd – 2004! Yes the water runs left to right down the drain, the women are as beautiful as they say, and there are many other exotic differences characteristic to Brasil and South America . However, when it comes to magic – they love it with passion just as we do in the States.

This was my first trip to South America … While we have a strong relationship with many friends in Brazil , in particular our good friends Julio Lipan Sr., and Sebastian Lipan Jr.

Julio Lipan Sr.