Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 2

If they had Awards for builders of magical illusions, Julio’s fireplace mantel (do they even have fire places in Brazil ?) would be chockfull of trophies. He has consistently been able to take mind-blowing effects limited only to larger stages, and makes them lightweight and portable — all the while NOT sacrificing visual impact, believability and quality.
Lipan Jr., Mark Stevens and Clovis Tavares

Lipan Jr., said it best when he stated, "Everyone loves my father." This is so true – you can’t help but to love this guy because he is totally sincere, with a great heart and love for magic.

Natalie, Julio and Sylvia Lipan – My Hosts!

Lipan Jr., (Sebastian) picked me up at G.R.U., International airport. My flight from Miami to Sao Paulo took about 8 hours, and I arrived at 8:02 am October 28th. While I assumed that Sao Paulo was a big city, I had no idea just how big it was – it’s huge. For miles and miles the city continues and never seems to stop. It was about 80 minutes from the airport to Alphaville , Brazil (which is an upscale suburb of Sao Paulo).

My friend, Julio Lipan and Mark Stevens

While the facilities where not located in one venue, the good news is they were all very close to the hotel. The hotel was first class – each room was a suite.

The convention was held in a brand new facility in Barueri , Brazil (only about 2 miles away from the convention hotel). There were about 12 dealers from around the world that set up in the large general room and on each side east and west, there were great lecture rooms, each one of which seated up to 400 people. Thus, the lectures and competitions were held in this wonderful facility that featured rowed elevated/tiered comfortable seating. There was nothing basic about this facility at all it was a first class venue well chosen and scouted by the Directors of the Congresso. In terms of floor plan, venue capability and ease of direction and flow, it couldn’t have been engineered any better.

Sergio Fiore and Mark Stevens