Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 3

Ryan Rodrigues and Mark Stevens

The facility also featured a wonderful daily lunch buffet. Picture those wonderful European outdoor cafes, and that is what we had. How neat this was not just in providing sustenance but helping people feel comfortable, relaxed and in good spirits. The spread was nothing short of amazing with over 20 different dishes and salads to choose from.

Attendance was about 400 registrants – which is very good. Of course like all magic conventions, for most sleep is something that is in short supply – people transform themselves from humans into walking zombie magicians at such events. Each night there was a show at the theatre and the main convention facility would shut down at around 8:00PM. Then it would re-open again at about 9:00am the following day.

International talent included (but wasn’t limited too), Rodrigo ( Argentina ), Juan Mayoral ( Spain ), Michael Ammar ( USA ), Michel of Vernet ( Argentina ) and Joshua Jay ( USA ). In the interest of brevity, I can report that every single lecture went smoothly and was very well received.

National talent included over 22 acts that packed the gala show and also provided lectures too. Including my good friend Julio Lipan who performed in the Gala show and brought the house down with a powerful show that included a new mind blowing levitation that you just have to see to believe. Picture Yogano on Steriods! What impressed me greatly about this new illusion was how quite it was, you could literally be standing a few feet away and hears nothing. And then after the levitation, the lady rotates 360 Degrees around the magician! Julio’s show was fantastic! Everything – the timing, the music, the sequence, the interaction and theme and direction all flowed together so smoothly building up to that tremendous finale! The crowd went crazy! I was so happy for Julio.

Sylvia Lipan is mystified by Tel’s Bells