Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 6

Another tremendous asset the congresso had in its favor was a solid Board of Directors. I want to humbly thank them for inviting us to attend this event. I want to also provide a testimonial to everyone else assuring him or her that anything these people are involved with now or in the future is top class. We totally endorse their work and efforts and hope more North American magicians will attend the Congresso in two years.

(From Left to Right) Relações Públicas – Willians Santos Lopes: [email protected],
Secretaria Executiva – Enio Finochi: [email protected], Mark Stevens,
Tesouraria – Adilson Seiji Otta: [email protected], and

Secretaria – Robson Pallazini (Volkcane): [email protected]

In a summary, I would say that this Convention was much more similar to a European magic convention then one in the States, or even an Asian convention. Picture a mini-FISM. Having had the privilege of attending magic conventions all over the world and thus being able to — over time — notice the unique differences between them, I was curious to see what my first South American Convention would be most similar too.

The Last Supper

I always think my main objective to my clients is to serve as an "information broker." While this primarily is focused towards products in helping my customers make a decision, it also true with my attempts to write columns and reviews. I hope these reviews will aide in helping you seriously think about making the trip in two years to Brazil for the next Congresso! Nothing would make me happier than to see you there.

Goodbye Brazil! Stella Ignacio and Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens