Archive | December, 2005


Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 8

Coffee Cup Mystery — a magical science effect that is sure to please (perfect gift item!) Charles Gauci’s "Mystic Vibrations" – a clever piece of mentalism good for stage or parlor (what a fooler!) Larry Jennings DVD release – natural magic at its best! PSI Sharpie – an eerie effect where the marker moves spiritually! […]


Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 6

This is a multi-faceted operation that is self-sufficient, everything from the costumes, set design, marketing and transportation of not just large illusions, but professional risers, and an impressive outfit of high tech professional lighting too! 3 sewing stations at David Thomas’ warehouse Regards to talent there was a lot of it, our good friend Mark […]


Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 5

Bruce Averbook & Joe at L.A. Conference Do you know any of these guys? It was a fabulous three-day event and entirely different than any magic convention you are familiar with. Now From Mark… THE OKLAHOMA EXPERIENCE We recently attended the Cavalcade Of Magic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Seymour Davis Ring and the Oklahoma […]


Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 3

THE VENICE EXPERIENCE Then on to Venice and a splendid three days after both events. You don’t need to see any magic in Venice, as the area itself is all magic! Joe & Martha enjoy coffee at San Marcos Square THE L.A. CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE Back home for one week and I made my two-year trek […]


Personally Speaking – Dec05

Personally Speaking – December 2005 Sneaking in one last fishing trip in the North Woods before winter sets in. Nothing like a fall season in northern Minnesota. Fishing is always good at this time of year and relaxing as we move along the shores catching Walleyes, Minnesota’s state fish. Minnesota’s State Fish THE SWEDEN EXPERIENCE […]

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