Personally Speaking – Aug05 – Part 2

Hank Lee pick’s Joe’s Pocket again! We enjoyed a nice dinner with Hank in his hometown. How many conventions have we been to Hank? Can we count that high? Ha!
Here is one of two new sets of Morgars Knives. Joe gave us the exclusives for what will be on our site soon.Captain Joe and his lovely wife
Steve Brooks, founder of, The Magic Café, and David WIlliams, the man with the photographic memory show their support for S.A.M.

So good to see Marcello again with Cristina! We are proud to carry Contento products including being the exclusive distributor on the Contento Fiber Optic Communcation Devices – anything Contento makes is TOPS!

Denny Haney and Mark Stevens take a few minutes to catch up!