Personally Speaking – Aug05

Personally Speaking – Summer 2005

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There is no better way to shop than to see the magic in action!

Spring is gone and summer avails, as do the national magic conventions!

Spending some time in our Northwood’s retreat, we enjoyed watching all of the nature around us, and the photos below show wonderful shots of our national bird, the "Bald Eagle" and the state birds of Minnesota, the "Loons" and their babies.

Bald Eagle

LoonsWhile you can’t see the sign on the fence, trust us when we tell you it reads – BEARS!

The beauty of the north woods!

Leaving our "Bluewater Hide-a-Way" after a few weeks of "R & R" for the Boston SAM event, we were so pleased with the SAM venue for this year. Everyone talked about how good the stage shows were and ALL dealers were pleased with the business they did!

Compliments to all of their convention organizers, and especially to Craig Dickson, (dealer chairman) who ran one of the best dealer rooms we’ve seen in some time! The hotel was awesome… expensive but fabulous restaurants in and around the hotel.

Mark De Souza and Dealer Chairman Craig Dickson (Wizard Craft Magic)