Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 5

Bruce Averbook & Joe at L.A. Conference

Do you know any of these guys?

It was a fabulous three-day event and entirely different than any magic convention you are familiar with.

Now From Mark…


We recently attended the Cavalcade Of Magic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Seymour Davis Ring and the Oklahoma City Magic Club sponsored this Cavalcade.

Chairman Kevin Brasier and Mark Stevens at Opening Night Party

As you probably can imagine, I’ve seen my share of conventions, seminars, trade-shows and cavalcades in the past. I want to go on record as stating that this years Cavalcade surpassed my highest expectations – on all fronts. This was an event that personified class in every aspect, from the opening night party, hosted also by professional magician David Thomas, to the hospitality and banquet – it was first class.

The Magic of David Thomas

I want to personally thank Kevin Brasier, Michael King, (Convention Chairman’s), David Thomas and our good friend Dr. Tom Todd for the wonderful support they showed us. Rest assured, Stevens Magic will continue to support this fine event in the future.

The opening night party provided a peek into the elusive and mysterious world of a super entertainer (in this case David Thomas).

David Thomas Wig Department

David Thomas is truly one of the most successful performers I know. David is responsible for booking the talent for all Six Flags Theme parks.

David Thomas Costume Department

He also performs large-scale illusion shows, and has unquestionably one of the largest facilities and showrooms I have ever seen.

Now we’re talking serious magician’s rope!

Cutting Table at David Thomas’s warehouse