Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 6

This is a multi-faceted operation that is self-sufficient, everything from the costumes, set design, marketing and transportation of not just large illusions, but professional risers, and an impressive outfit of high tech professional lighting too!

3 sewing stations at David Thomas’ warehouse

Regards to talent there was a lot of it, our good friend Mark and Nani Wilson provided a fantastic lecture, that is awe inspiring. The history and footage that he shared with us has everyone so quiet you could hear a pin drop in-between his sentences.

Mark Wilson making a point!

This lecture was followed up by a performance of Mark’s very popular “Magic Bingo” which is available at Steven Magic too – that had everyone in stitches.

Mark Wilson thrills the crowd.

Also there was David Hira, who put on a fascinating lecture on the essences of being a performer.

Roger Miller, the IBM International President was on hand to present some well deserved awards and enjoy the fun.

The World of Magic

David Thomas highlights the open to the public Saturday night show – which was exceptionally well attended and featured a brand new illusion – the vanishing of a NASCAR automobile!

Mark Stevens

Back to Joe…


We were pleased to have the presence of Andre Kole in our shop and had a good two hours time with him as he presented three shows here in Wichita. Boy can he fool you with his illusions and is so, so creative! Thanks Andre for stopping into see us!