Personally Speaking – Dec05

Personally Speaking – December 2005

Sneaking in one last fishing trip in the North Woods before winter sets in. Nothing like a fall season in northern Minnesota. Fishing is always good at this time of year and relaxing as we move along the shores catching Walleyes, Minnesota’s state fish.

Minnesota’s State Fish


What a fabulous time Martha and I had visiting our friends in Sweden and Italy. We were the guests of El Duco and their fantastic Swedish event. Never having been to Sweden before I can tell you that the magic aficionados there are "up to speed" in the art of magic! El Duco and his team did a very good job organizing the talent selection for the even and the headquarter hotel was a 5-Star hotel as well. All activities were on one floor and a beautiful stage room in the hotel enhanced the terrific acts.

Joe and El Duco at Sweden Convention

The dealer room had seven dealers and all dealers did well. We were very pleased to meet for the first time, Harries Magic of Sweden and Steen Pegani of Denmark.

Harries is the oldest standing dealer in Sweden and Pegani will be one of the "movers" in magic in that part of the world. I would rate this event as just as good as our top magic conventions in America and give it a ten rating, especially for the classy way it was organized.


On to Italy and our good friend Domenico Dante, who is the president of the Italian Magic Club, presented another great classy event. Domenico has always invited us to attend and this year we were able to accept. We spent a week in Abano, Italy where the event was held, it is very close to Venice, which is only a few miles away! (Venice is our most favorite place in the world).

Yuji Yamamoto, Domenico Dante and Hank Moorehouse

Many of our good friends were there also and it’s always a pleasure to be with Hank Moorehouse and Yuji Yamamoto anywhere in the world. Hank was a judge for their contests and Yuji did a superb job in presenting his fabulous stage act. Yuji is also one of the top dealers in Japan!