Personally Speaking – Feb05 – Part 2

A big thank you goes out to Mark and Nani Wilson who in addition to being two of the classiest people in the art of magic, also helped me make sure everything went smoothly. Nani is one touch cookie! We were all cracking up because one gentleman come into the room while we were still setting up. The doors were to open at 10:00am and close at 6:00pm. We all got there about 7:00am to start setting up.

Calm Before the Storm – The Set Up!

At 9:10am the gentleman came into the room confident and assured and Nani was on him like "cold on ice – white on rice." She politely said, "Can I help you?" To which the man replied – "No that’s not necessary I’m here for the dealer day." He thought he was way ahead of the game, but didn’t know he was talking to the referee! (Ha!) Nani politely explained that the room wasn’t open yet, and he said, "Oh, well the newsletter said it was open at 9:00am so it’s okay and I’ll just stay here." Nani quickly and again politely said, "No that’s not true, the newsletter said that it opens at 10:00am not 9:00, if you would like I can get a copy of it for you." The man was a bit taken back, but still determined (obviously not knowing that he was trying to pull one over on NANI WILSON – HELLO???"). However, Nani stuck to her guns and the man finally relented. This guy had no idea what he was up against. We were all cracking up – YOU GO GIRL! HA HA! I nominate Nani Wilson for Dealer Chairman at any convention I ever go to.
Check out some of these rare and antique goodies from Mark Burger and Joe Stevens Table! Thanks to all the people who complimented us on our booth – it was a challenge to bring a balance of products that featured a little bit for everyone, the eclectic, the antique, the modern and classic and the so fresh it’s still hot category of product. Special thanks goes to our Staff at Stevens Magic who rose to the challenge of putting together a collection of products that were catered specifically for this event.

When the bell finally rang at 10:00am – the doors officially opened and the people were there. It was good to see the support that the Castle had in terms of their newsletter announcing this event. As many of you have read and heard there has been a lot of gossip and proposed changes going on at The Castle. I am in no position to even attempt to enlighten anyone about these changes, but what I can say with assurance, is the overall support of the membership that we interacted with – was robust and very healthy.

Action Baby – We Love The Action!

Everyone – including what I would call senior members – were very enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic about both the "present" and the "future" of The Magic Castle. I certainly experienced this from the positive interactions and steady supply of people that came and went throughout that 8-hour window and then into that evening.

George Robinson going for the Pitch – You go George!

The night before the Dealer Day – Joe, George, Carol, Mark Burger (Buma Jr.), and myself enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Yamashira House, which is right above the Magic Castle. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to dine there – it features one of the most breathtaking views of Los Angeles from the top of the hill.

But for me the highlight of everything was the opportunity to see friends (old and new), including but not limited to:

Lee Delano

Neil Patrick Harris and Ed Alonzo – Thanks for stopping by the booth guys and we’re sorry about Buma Jr., we make sure he gets his shots next time we bring him – HA!
Monte Smith
Johnny Gaughan
Ed Alonzo
Neil Patrick Harris
Billy McComb
Ernesto Mellon
William McIlhany
Paul Green
Pete Biro
Joe Porper
Jim Patton
Tim Sonefeit (who was also performing at the Sunday Brunch too)
John Fedko
Richard Turner

Billy McComb came downstairs to spend some time with all of us… The man has an uncanny knowledge and memory of magic products, their history and such. What a wonderful contribution he provides the art of magic, through his knowledge, entertainment and fellowship. The Magic Castle Dealer Day had another magical phenomena in that we all couldn’t believe how fast the day went – we were all having so much fun talking magic with friends and having heated debates with others (all in fun and good faith), demonstrating, performing back and forth… the day just flew by.

Mark Burger chats with Joe Porper.