Personally Speaking – Feb05 – Part 3

Lee Delano – Joe Stevens – Paul Green – Photo Lee Delano – who worked and toured with Sid Ceaser playing Sid’s stright man for many years, poses with my ole’ man and another one of the Pro’s in the BIDNI. We invite you to view Lee Delano’s website where you will see a tremendous history of some of Lee’s works – you won’t regret it!

In fact, it wasn’t until the end of the day when we started packing at about 6:30pm, that it hit us in the face! BAM!! We were all dog-tired. Now that we were all faced with the gruesome task of packing! UGGGG!!!! It’s the worst! HA HA! But it’s one of those things that "have to get done." The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish, or in this case head up to Jim Patton’s private bar to relax! So, everyone dug in and went to work. We hadn’t eaten all day, there was no time for lunch and we were there at 7:30am. We had dinner reservations at 8:30pm. We were all STARVED and in physical pain from the feet up… but it was a good tired.

My father Joe was ready for a drink – so I told him to go up to the Magician’s Bat and we’ll meet him up there later. Everybody got finished packing about 40 minutes after Joe had gone upstairs to nurse a drink (or two, or three, only the Ghost of Buma Sr. knows for sure). Buma Jr. wanted a drink too, but knew better than to give into that desire because he was a strong believer in genetics (HA).

It was great when I was able to meet up with my ole’ man at the Magician’s Bar (on the second floor). We sat and chatted with Jim Patton. Jim Patton is part of "The Magic Castle." I told him if the Magic Castle were a University – he would have tenure! I can’t imagine what the Castle would be like without him. He’s an accomplished magician, a fantastic bartender – I mean, picture your DREAM bartender – a gut that not only serves you drinks but also tips on cards and effects too. Another one of Jim’s great assets is the history he can share with you about all the great performers who have come to The Castle. Fred Kaps, Finn Jon, Gaetan Bloom, the list goes on and on.

Jim Patton

After finishing a hard day at work, sitting at the bar with my ole’ man, and chatting with him and Jim Patton – waiting for George and Carol Robinson and Mark (Buma Jr.) Burger to join us for dinner – that was Nirvanva.

But even Jim Patton was completely amazed and blown away when Buma Jr. got out a deck of cards and showed Jim some of his newest techniques. We were all in "awe" of what Mark Burger (Buma Jr.) can do with a deck of cards.

The night ended with an excellent dinner at the Castle. I’m happy to report that the Magic Castle was jammed with eager and enthusiastic patrons!

Joe Stevens and Mark Burger (Buma Jr.), both cast from the same mold. Mark Burger and my father share a very strong friendship that transcends business. This relationship is one of my fathers strongest and treasured as Joe was very close with Mark’s Dad, Marvin Burger (Buma Sr.), for many years. After Marvin passed away Mark and Joe’s relationship grew closer (I’m sure with Marvin’s blessing and happiness), and there is no doubt that there was a big smile on Marvin’s face the night we were all together at the Castle. Like Buma Jr., I too am a second generation magic dealer – so Mark and I have a lot in common – especially tough as nails fathers that ride us hard and never let up! HA! I have learned a lot from Mark Burger and enjoy spending time with him. He’s a confidante and we consider him to be part of our family. Check out Mark’s website at

Our sincere thanks to Dale Hindman, Mark and Nani Wilson, Jim Patton and all the Castle Staff for your wonderful and gracious hospitality. We have always been honored to have such a warm and great relationship with you and hope to continue with it many years in the future.

Additionally, thanks to all our valued clients and customers that supported us at the Castle Dealer Day. We are indebted to you and look forward to seeing many of you at this year’s World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.