Personally Speaking – Feb05

A Day At The World Famous Magic Castle!

Wow! What a wonderful weekend in "Magic Heaven" at the Hollywood Magic Castle. No matter how many times I go, how many years pass by, the Magic Castle us one of those rare and truly magical places that never looses it’s luster or excitement. Many of us look forward to certain experiences in life, yet once enjoyed and then repeated, they seem to never be as mystical and exciting as that special first time. The exception to this "law of diminishing returns" at least for me – is the world famous, Magic Castle. There really is a magical feeling when you attend the Magic Castle – it’s even stronger when you are a magician too.

Check out the Magic Castle’s web site for some cool gift and exciting news at:

I’m sure the lay people also enjoy the experience of the magic castle, but for a magician – relaxing with your peers at the Jim Patton’s VIP bar (reserved for magicians), you really don’t want to leave this wonderful and warm place.

The purpose of this visit was to attend our fourth "Magic Castle – Dealer Day." Joining us in this (and future) dealer days are our good friends:

George and Carol Robinson of Viking Manufacturing and Collector’s Workshop – McAllen, TX

George and Carol Robinson – A great team effort that has an incredible success story since 1972. George is a softhearted, humble man with a phenomenal talent for craftsmanship of some of the best quality magical apparatus in the world. George is a tremendous idea man capable of creating and discovering a plethora of new and exiting magical effects in brass, (and other metals) and woods. George has some tremendously exciting products that will be forthcoming in 2005, many of which have taken up to three years and are in the end stages of development! Bottom line, George and Carol are two warm and wonderful human beings we are proud to count as close friends and business partners.

and Mark Burger (AKA Buma Jr.), House of Magic – San Francisco

Joe and Buma Jr. Caption for Photo #1 Joe Stevens posing with Mark Burger (Buma Jr), Buma Jr., performing his White Art Magic routine – which even the camera was able to pick up his white art moustache! This is his newest performance show he has been working on for three years.

I remember when we first started doing these "dealer days" we also had Al’s Magic Shop (Al and Alice Cohen) – Washington, D.C., go with us. I always enjoyed it when Al was there – let’s face it- he is the master when it comes to the art of display.