Personally Speaking – Mar05 – Part 2

Truly the most emotional and powerful highlight of the Seminar came at the awards show when Rich Bloch introduced Seigfried and Roy, and the curtains parted and there they stood – the sponsors’ of the World Magic Seminar standing center stage.

Master of ceremonies – Rich Bloch.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. My emotions came on strong both to see how good Roy looked, remembering all the years we have worked together to make this Seminar a success and both Seigfried’s and Roy’s continued determination to make sure it remains successful.

Seigfried and Roy’s appearance.

At that moment, the convention came full circle – from a super strong beginning as stated above, a momentum that remained steady, to the eclipsing intense closing of S & R’s appearance.

We received so many fantastic and warm comments about how happy the registrants were and we are honored that you continue to support this wonderful event that contributes so much to the art we love.

Fun at the booth.

The Teen competitions and involvements continue to be one of the greatest accomplishments that WMS provides with young and future talent traveling all the way from South Africa.

Lance Burton presenting an award with Jeff McBride for the Teen competition.

The dealer room was exciting, energetic and dynamic with my son Mark acting as emcee during the dealer show’s center stage in the dealer room.

The Great Buma Jr. is happy holding money! Joe chewing Mark out.

But most of all we all want to thank you, our clients and customers for your support both at the dealer room and also at our office. Our family business and staff is grateful for your support.

Deana Murray, Sandi Barrese and Martha Stevens

We also had a great opportunity to meet with many confidants and suppliers in magic, and in doing so have some great things we have come closer to closing that will mean new and exciting products available to you.

It’s all about presentation.


We just returned from Transworld Halloween and Magic Show.

Many magic stores supplement the income with the sales of Halloween and seasonal goods. Halloween is now the second largest adult participation holiday in the United States.

Stevens Magic is a Representative of Rubies Costume and Franco American Novelty, and represents independent magic stores worldwide that also sell Halloween and season goods.