Personally Speaking – Mar05

March 2005

Fresh from Chicago, National Halloween and Costume Show, this is the first time I have had a chance to write an article and let you know about all the great action. (See more about Halloween Convention below).

Summary and Review – World Magic Seminar- 2005. What a wonderful year it was in terms of fellowship, magic, interaction, lectures entertainment and fun.

Criss Angel and Mark Stevens Tony Daniels and Ann White

There was our first year at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, and from all reports, 90% plus were favorable. Registration was healthy at over 800.

Dale Hindman

This year’s talent roster featured a little bit for everyone, whether they are a close up performer parlor or stage performer.

Click on the thumbs for a larger view.

On a personal note, what a joy it has been to see the World Magic Seminar continue to grow and become one of the leading magic gatherings of the world.

The Dimmare’s&Yamamoto’s

Kudos to Richard Bloch and Glenn Farrington, Bill & Becky Wells, Yugo Wei and so many others for their work, efforts and professionalism.

George Robinson in action!

There were too many highlights to this convention to mention them. But most would agree that like a great performance, it opened with a Bang – had the essential momentum to carry it onward and then had a finale that was unparalleled. The opening bang, largely credited to David Copperfield’s surprised and welcomed appearance. It was great to see David again. My memory couldn’t help but go back to the early Seminar’s (Mid-American Conclaves) where I booked David in Wichita and how great and emotional it was to see him again.

David was in town playing at the MGM (as he does every year), and had a comical skit when he was introduced, "Wait a minute? You mean this isn’t the MGM?" It got a great laugh and really warmed the audience. It also provided a tremendously powerful and exciting kickoff to what would be another successful seminar.

For those of you that would like to see some photos from previous seminars we invite you to click on the link below, and then scroll down each page and hit next.

NOTE: Not all the photos in this series are from the Seminar. I wanted to let you know this right up front as the first page has some vintage Jay Marshall photos that were added there incorrectly, (but they are great photos of Jay). Some photos are from the early Conclaves which were the predecessors of the Desert Magic Seminar, which is now the World Magic Seminar.