Personally Speaking – May05 – Part 2

Sponsored lectures, close up events and yes, started the now present ”World Magic Seminar” with Slydini and Siegfried and Roy and Lance Burton! What a wonderful 27 years it has been working with these “Super Stars” and we’re so pleased that our good buddy Rich Bloch is continuing the Seminar in its highest standards! Starting the Greater Magic Video Library was a fun challenge and bringing some of magic world’s greats to the screen to enjoy and learn from is also a highlight! And on and on and on. As our good friend Jon Racherbaumer always proclaims…”Onward” and that’s exactly where we are headed! What new magic, secrets, fun lies ahead keeps the “fires” burning!


Marty and Brenda Hahne and Mark.

Marty and Brenda Hahne spent an afternoon with us and they are a class couple and truly have the passion for magic as well. Not only do they produce excellent magic props they both perform with school shows their specialty. Thanks for stopping in.

Joe, Dr. Nick and Martha together again.

Dr. Nick St. Erne stopped in as well, as Nick is the director of the Lance Burton Teen Contest every year at the World Magic Seminar! Nick is one of a few who have attended each and every Seminar for 27 years.(Only two others have not missed a Seminar in its 27 year history-Roger Klause and Gary Darwin) He gets the credit for helping make the Teen event the success that it is! Well done “Doc”…well done!

Thanks for all the great comments about the previous posting from World Magic Seminar. It was a winner and the energy and momentum is still moving forward.

The end of a long day at WMS.

My son Mark returned to Brazil a few weeks ago to take part and attend a wonderful magic gathering in Sao Paulo , Brazil . He enjoyed his return trip, as he was just there a few months ago (see his story here) for a review on the Congress if you haven’t already .

On this trip he worked with our friend Julio Lipan and others putting the finishing touches on a “Hallucination” see more about this great offering later in this story. There is a nice review of this convention in this month’s Linking Ring Magazine – we invite you to check out.

Look for two major new catalogs coming out from SME, as we’ve finally finished the new media catalog, featuring over 700 titles of DVD’S, Videos, and CD books and music! Thanks to our “graphic artist) Ms. Marcia Deitchler. (She’s good)! We are proud to proclaim that our media catalog is the largest in magic! On the heals of the media publication is another spring product catalog with what’s new in magic world, plus good sellers from the past!


If you are not getting our catalogs or are not on our mailing list, please send $7.50 and we’ll send you (4) professional catalogs for you to enjoy. International customers can send $15.00 for same, as this pays for the International postage. You’ll be added to our mailing list as well.


In our new catalogs, you will want to read about the following new items.

LIPAN’S– New 360 degree levitation! Titled – HALLUCINATION! And you will certainly be doing just that when you see it! Can be done with a spectator from the audience as well.

Hallucination Levitation