Personally Speaking – May05 – Part 4

There are many other exclusive items, too many to mention, but we do want to highlight Dave Pavlov’s "MIRRORLY PERPLEXED." This is a wonderful item and I assure you it’s top quality. Dave does a phenominal job blending high tech materials with style and function. What a wonderful effect you really MUST consider if you’re looking for a professional prop that will set you apart. It comes in two sizes (12 and 17 inches). Check it out here!

Dave Pavlov debuts Mirrorly-Perplexed.

The two new Greater Magic Video Library “Teach-Ins” are ready and selling. The “HOMING CARD” teaches one of the finest close up or stand up items in card magic! Check it out here!

The Homing Card DVD

What you can do with a few cards is exemplified on this media and the same is true on the “SIX CARD REPEAT”. You wouldn’t know that there are so many variations of the Six Card Repeat, until you view the material! DVD or VHS formats… Check it out here!

Six Card Repeat DVD


This item is probably the “hottest” item we have for summer, fall and the rest of the year! You may never, ever want to perform a “Costume Change Act”, but the “inner secrets” of this art is revealed by one of Japan ‘s finest performing magicians! “Personally Speaking” I was so enthralled at the “on site” filming of this highly entertaining act and to participate in this was a highlight for yours truly! Do yourself a favor and buy this DVD-VHS and invite your lady friend or wife to sit down and watch it and how it all comes about and the secrets are so, so interesting! Well worth your money and time!


We’ll be there and hope to see you as well…don’t wait too long to make your reservations! You can learn more at


"See ya down the road… or on the lake!"

Joe Stevens

And now, we are pleased to highlight a personal friend and member of our team that continues to be instrumental in our success – Criag Cole! Click next to read on…